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On December 8, 2016, according to reports, former FBI Director James Comey confirmed in testimony to the House Intelligence Committee two major planks of my reporting in both ‘Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess‘ and this story: namely, that the Trump campaign’s Rudy Giuliani had advance, insider and politicized knowledge of the New York FBI Field Office’s “investigations” of Anthony Weiner. In November, 2016, I alleged as much in a FOIA request I made to the FBI. In December, 2016, I filed a civil lawsuit to this effect. In January, 2017, I published this site’s first article, in which I posited the then-controversial theory that James Comey (America’s “white knight” in a global chess game with Russia) was still investigating Donald Trump’s campaign, and that he already knew that Trump and Russia were involved in the discovery of Wiener’s laptop. 

Mr. Comey said:

“Mid October, maybe a little bit later, Mr. Giuliani was making statements that appeared to be based on his knowledge of workings inside the FBI New York … that gave me a general concern that we may have a leak problem … and so I asked that it be investigated.”

Corrections to my original theory, which was that Weiner was only talking to hackers pretending to be a teenage girl, were published when he admitted to sexting with at least one real minor. They can be found below the main story text. My article was corrected to reflect the fact that, as well as sexting with a bunch of male hackers, Weiner also sexted with at least one real underage victim. 

Kirstin Winfree, whose Twitter account @Winfree101 appears in this story, has recently deleted that account. This is contemporaneous with Michael Cohen’s adult daughter Samantha Cohen deleting her instagram account that features in our Feb 2017 article ‘Planespotting: Michael Cohen’s Amazing Journey“.

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How Vladimir Putin Catfished A US Election With the Collusion of Team Trump

Did Russia use a criminal case against Anthony Weiner – so their hacker Nikulin could plant Hillary’s emails on his computer?

It was the Comey letter that handed the election to Trump. Even if corrupt elements in the FBI Field Office in New York, penetrated by Russia, forced Comey’s hand –  even if Russian hacker Nikulin did plant emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer – there had to be a separate criminal case in the first place for the NYPD and FBI to go looking.

Did Vladimir Putin direct an attack  by a hardened group of adult hackers from North Carolina who penetrated the emails of Director Brennan of the CIA, and doxed and attacked hundreds of FBI and law enforcement personnel?

In this story I exclusively report the connections between the USSR-CWA hacker group of North Carolina ‘Crackas With Attitude’ and the sexts with, ostensibly, a 15 year old girl from Gaston, North Carolina, who had early in 2016 been a genuine victim of Weiner’s predatory behavior. That started the chain of events that led to James Comey’s forced letter to Congress, including the fact that the an email to Weiner ostensibly written by his earlier victim  is in fact a series of plagiarized texts it is unlikely any 15 year old girl has read, including works by J.D. Salinger, David Foster Wallace, Charles Bukowski, and – yes – “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk.

There is also direct evidence that members of the Trump campaign were involved in this conspiracy and knew in advance what was coming – including Lara Trump, who visited Gaston, North Carolina, some days before she promised an ‘October surprise’ and ’tricks up our sleeve.’

Russia’s Hacker Nikulin, Formspring, and Anthony Weiner

Russia, I believe, manipulated chain of events that forced James Comey’s letter to Congress. All available data shows that it was the timing of this letter that handed the election to Donald Trump. On November 3rd, just before the election, the Russian plane MKATE and Putin’s bagman Rybolovev met Donald Trump’s campaign plane on the tarmac at Charlotte, North Carolina. By that time, events in North Carolina had swung the election to Mr. Trump.

In my first piece of work at Patribotics I laid out a unified theory on Russian active measures against the United States, including as part of it that Russia has a team of influencers inside the FBI Field Office in New York (the criminal division) and I regret to say, the NYPD, who work directly with Rudy Giuliani and General Flynn.

I drew readers’ attention to the arrest in Prague of the Russian hacker, Yvgeny Nikulin. He was indicted on charges of hacking Dropbox, Linked in and Formspring in 2012-2013.

Formspring is the little-known sexting app that Anthony Weiner used for his sexting the first time around.

My theory was that Nikulin, on instructions from the Russian state, “woke” or “planted”  a laptop of Anthony Weiner’s via a virus which he placed on it through his prior hack of Formspring, and alerted Russia’s moles and agents of influence in the FBI field office in New York, who subsequently “leaked” to all and sundry that the emails had been found, and, by Rudy Giuliani’s own testimony, pressured James Comey into sending the letter he did.

However, the emails were – nonetheless-  found as part of an unrelated criminal investigation into Weiner’s sexting with a 15 year old girl. The story of these “sexts” broke Sep 21st in the Daily Mail with a byline from Alana Goodman.

Who Was Weiner Actually Talking To?

I can exclusively report that there is ample evidence that suggests that Weiner was sexting not only with a 15 year old girl,   but, later and separately with hackers, working for Russia, including the North Carolina hacking group ‘Crackas With Attitude’, who hacked the head of the CIA, and a great many FBI agents, police officers, and other law enforcement officials.

There is evidence linking Russia’s propaganda outlet Sputnik to both acts of hacking; and there is, therefore, grave reason to be concerned about Trump’s choice of Dana Boente as Jeff Sessions’ second-in-command at the Justice Department. Which he now is. For in a little-noticed Executive Order released this weekend, Trump altered the order of succession at the Justice Department in order to make Boente second to Sessions.

Two of the Americans involved in Crackas With Attitude were arrested and took a guilty plea in December.

And one of the prosecuting AGs on that case? Dana Boente.

As I have previously reported, Jeff Sessions was placed by Trump as Attorney General, I believe, for the sole reason of protecting Trump from impeachment and prosecution in the matter of Russia’s hack on America. The placement of Boente as Sessions’ number two ought to raise yet another red flag. For Dana Boente is listed as AG on the North Carolina Crackas With Attitude case.

If I am right on the theory which I report here – that Crackas With Attitude conspired with Russian moles within the FBI and NY in New York, with the encouragement of Sputnik, to use a real criminal case against Anthony Weiner in order that Russia’s Nikulin could plant Hillary Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s now “discoverable” laptop – then Messrs Trump and Bannon, above all other things, need the CWA case to go away really fast and now its prosecutor Dana Boente finds himself number two to Jeff Sessions in Trump’s Justice Department.

Thus far, the term ‘Russian hacking’ as it relates to the US elections has been understood by the mainstream media to mean two things: the hack of the DNC and Republican politicians’ emails, and the phishing attack on John Podesta, plus the subsequent release of emails obtained by those attacks through Russia’s puppet organization, Wikileaks. (To a lesser extent, the mainstream media also acknowledges that Russia backed and created a fleet of Twitter bots. They have not yet shown much sign of understanding that what is sloppily termed ‘fake news’ is in fact a coordinated Russian propaganda effort.)

But the Russian hack on the United States was, it seems far more direct than that.

It forced the Comey letter out of thin air. Using Weiner’s sleazebag tendencies, Russia used a real, underage victim of his sexts, to catfish Weiner into further communications actually written by an adult hacker, and thus used a real crime to commit a political hack on his computer. Then, with pliant moles in the NY FBI Field Office and NYPD, they seized his laptop. Nikulin planted Hillary’s emails upon it. Russian moles in the FBI Field Office leaked, tweeted and threatened – and even Lara Trump (from North Carolina) boasted in advance that the ‘October surprise’ was coming.

From start to finish, Russia manipulated the Director of the FBI into sending his letter – which Jason Chaffetz leaked, by arrangement with the Trump camp, I believe, in order directly to swing the election to Donald Trump, Putin’s puppet.

Who Are Crackas With Attitude and How Do They Connect Weiner and Russia?

The hacker group’s name, sources say, is a pun. The letters USA in Cyrillic look like the American letters “CWA”. Be that as it may, CWA involved an underage English hacker who was arrested, and subsequent to his arrest, two of his co-conspirators in North Carolina were also arrested. Their attack on the United States was exceptionally serious. It involved obtaining emails from the then Director of the CIA and doxing hundreds of United States law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

The 15 year old girl is also apparently from North Carolina, according to reports, and her father is an attorney.

However, I can exclusively report that there is extensive evidence online that some “sexts” were not written by that 15 year old girl, but by members of the hacking gang.

“You Got Catfished by a Dude”  – Or, The Infinite Jest of a Plagiarized Email

It was no use Yvgeny Nikulin planting Hillary Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s computer, or even waking Weiner’s computer, on behalf of Russian assets in the FBI New York, unless they had a right to look at Weiner’s computer. For that to happen, Anthony Weiner had to have committed a criminal offense that would enable NYPD to have probable cause to go through his computers in the first place.

And for that, Nikulin used a crime against an underage victim to activate one of his own (a previously implanted virus).

All of Anthony Weiner’s sleazy sexting prior to this had been done with girls and women over the age of sexual consent. The youngest among them was 17 years old. In order for a case to be created, there needed to be an underage victim – and now, contrary to my earlier theory, we know there was one. It seems evident that just such an operation was planned by Russia; to use a victim in a criminal case, to allow Weiner’s computers to be seized and for Nikulin to thereafter plant his emails via Formspring.

According to the “breaking story” of September 21st, by Alana Goodman in the Daily Mail, this girl had begun to sext with Weiner in January 2016. Her original story is odd and convoluted in a number of respects.

Firstly, the story is dated September 21st, but publishing dates on videos contained within the story appear to indicate that they were uploaded some six days earlier.

Secondly, the story contains a report that Weiner “provided emails that he says proved he was the subject of a hoax” but the journalist does not tell us why Mr. Weiner said these emails proved this.

Of course, there is the one sentence: “You got catfished by a dude.”

But, I believe the 15 year old girl’s letter, as quoted, was not written by her.

It is full of plagiarized quotes from novels. A second letter, ostensibly written by her to James Comey, appears to contain an odd phrase used by Julia Hahn, a former Breitbart writer whom Steve Bannon brought into the White House, and Michelle Bachman.

The author of that letter not only claims to be a “dude” ‘catfishing’, that is to say, a hacker pretending to be a woman or girl in order to entrap, but “her” email contains the following passages:

1. “My posture was consciously congruent to the back of my chair” – from the opening of Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace

2. “We’re the middle children of history….” To the words “But we won’t.” – From Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk

3. “Guilt is guilt. It doesn’t go away…” to the words “paralyzing you.” – From Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction, both by J.D. Salinger

4. “I was losing my soul….” To “…you still have a soul to lose.” – From Tales of Ordinary Madness, “A Dollar and Twenty Cents” by Charles Bukowski.

In the letter “she” signs off “Girl that lost her faith in America”. “Lost her faith in America” turns up both in a quote from Michelle Bachmann and a Breitbart article by Julia Hahn.

The above is the classic signature of a cat-fishing attempt. But there is plenty more online to connect this North Carolina teen with the Crackas With Attitude hack.

Just as Nikulin planted a virus using Weiner’s little known sexting app Formspring, in this case, Weiner had been using the little-known app Confide. Online, arch references were made  in advance about the publication of Goodman’s article as to what was going on, using the word “Confide”. Other accounts with ostensibly no knowledge of the case stated plainly that Weiner was actually sexting with a 28 year old hacker.

One of the North Carolina Crackas With Attitude is Justin Liverman, who is around 28. His co-conspirator is one Andrew Otto Boggs. The two were arrested and pled guilty in January. As recently as two weeks ago, the FBI had confiscated their laptops and thumb drives.

CWA or USSR – The Hacking Group

Hackers need not be Russian to work on behalf of Russia. In this case, CWA’s UK and US branches had close links to Sputnik, the Russian state owned propaganda channel. A ‘journalist’ called Cassandra Fairbanks, @CassandraRules, on Twitter, who was and probably is ‘active in the hacker community’, posted photographs of herself with Liverman and said she was raising money for his defense. And why not? Weren’t CWA just some young punks that got in over their heads?

The answer to that is no. The CWA hack managed to get into the emails of the director of the CIA. Executives at Sputnik pressured non-Russian staff to obtain these CIA emails and threatened them if they refused. However, it is almost certain that Sputnik already had the emails; as soon as American staff refused to release them, Wikileaks was handed them and put them out on the internet. The young boy, 15, in the UK, who had been tricked into doing a hack by and for adults, was conveniently too young to punish properly. But his fully adult co-conspirators were not. CWA’s North Carolina contingent used the same hack to dox FBI and law enforcement, mercilessly harassing American intelligence and police personnel, writing phone scripts that would ring officers on the hour through the hour through the night. Sputnik adopted Bernie Sanders and pro-Palestine colors when it wanted to defend the hackers.

Meanwhile, Ms. Fairbanks was promoting every anti-American hacker, defined by the IC as Russian state hackers, known to mankind. She “loved” Guccifer 2. She fangirled over Wikileaks and the Russian asset Julian Assange. Fairbanks also pushed out co-ordinated Russian propaganda from Infowars and others during the election, including pizzagate and other Russian-organized propaganda spread by Mike Flynn and other Russian agents of influence. But with CWA she held personal meetings, photographing herself with Liverman and helping fund his defense in court.

The Daily Mail, Sputnik, and Trump

There seems to be a strong friendship between the Daily Mail’s journalist Alana Goodman, who wrote the 15 year old girl story on which the criminal case was based, and Ms. Fairbanks of Sputnik. They photographed themselves on multiple occasions together in social settings, such as sabering bottles of champagne at Trump Tower. They defended each other on Twitter. Ms. Goodman appears in many tweeted photographs by Miss Fairbanks. At one debate, Miss Goodman stars in a photograph of herself wearing a ‘Make America Great’ cap pulled down over her head. Sputnik’s Miss Fairbanks points everybody to Goodman’s story on Weiner of the 21st. Goodman is also apparently close to the Trump campaign’s Moishe Lee.

Sputnik’s Cassandra Fairbanks was also invited to the Inaugural Freedom Ball, which is quite an honor for a mouthpiece of the Russian state, and tweeted her pictures close to Trump and the First Lady. She followed this ostensibly unlikely triumph by spending New Year’s eve, too, with Miss Goodman (shortly after her photograph with Justin Liverman of CWA).

Yet while Ms. Fairbanks promoted Ms. Goodman’s exclusive on the 15 year old girl, on Twitter, her own organ, Sputnik, and, seemed awfully reticent to promote it  – or even to touch it. Although both Russian channels covered the preceding Weiner scandal, involving the married Weiner, his young son in a photograph, and an adult woman, there was no mention whatsoever online on both Russian media channels of this story. Even though, ostensibly, it was the far more important one. Previously, all Anthony Weiner’s sexting had been done with overage women or girls over the age of consent. It was sleazy, and pathetic, certainly, and his wife, Huma Abedin, separated from him. But it was not criminal.

Russia and its spies within the FBI needed it to be criminal.

And yet RT and Sputnik showed an admirable, one might say inexplicable, level of restraint when confronted with the story of what appeared to be an actual crime by Weiner.

There are other disturbing notes to be made about the manner of the publication of the story. While it was reported as ‘breaking news’ on September 21st by Miss Goodman, online dates on the videos embedded within the story appear to show they were shot six days earlier. Why was the story held, if indeed it was? On September 21st, Eric Lichtblau, who would later publish a substantially false story at the New York Times saying that the FBI investigating Trump’s server ‘found no clear links to Trump’, alerted Alfa Bank with a question about their involvement with the server. At that point, Trump’s server went dark. It was certainly a most opportune time to publish a major distraction that could have major consequences.

Sputnik’s Miss Fairbanks also seemed to know that publication was imminent; she decided to pose in an arch t-shirt for Wikileaks that said ‘Publish or Perish’ which she said she was ‘wearing for traveling’.

Foreknowledge from the FBI NY, the NYPD, Lara Trump, Giuliani and Flynn

It is by now well-known that now disgraced General Mike Flynn, and Rudy Giuliani, once a Secretary of State contender, boasted in advance of the ‘October surprise’ that was coming based on “emails discovered” on Weiner’s laptop as part of the “separate criminal case”. The FBI Field Office in New York, indeed, have hung themselves up nicely by leaking on Russia’s behalf to these people but also by tweeting from an account. Giuliani’s partner boasted that the NYPD was also corrupt; that if Director Comey did not write to Congress, the letter that handed the election to Trump, they, the NYPD, would call a press conference announcing all the ‘arrests’ they had made in the “Weiner sexting” case.

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But, partly perhaps from sexism, partly from fear of attacking the first family, not enough attention has been paid to the Trump family’s own Carolina connection, and part in the conspiracy. Lara Yunaska, NC, now Lara Trump, NY, boasted on the radio, in advance, that an October surprise was coming – something she had no legal way of knowing. The FBI and NYPD are not supposed to leak information on criminal cases, particularly those ostensibly involving sexual abuse of a minor, to politicians for political purposes. Yet Mrs. Eric Trump was on the radio, bold as brass, saying on October 24 that ‘there are still a few days in October’ and ‘we’ve got a couple of things up our sleeve.’

On 29th October, when the Comey letter had been leaked by Jason Chaffetz, North Carolina native Lara Trump went further, saying on the radio to ABC’s Rita Cosby that Trump had “forced” Comey’s hand with the letter.

I think my father-in-law forced their hand in this. You know, he has been the one since the beginning saying that she shouldn’t be able to run for president, and I commend him on that”

Lara Trump said.

These interviews followed her trip, with her husband Eric, to Gastonia, Gaston County, North Carolina. According to the Gaston County Gazette, Lara and Eric Trump visited the GOP headquarters there on October 21st.

I tried to discover the identity of the real teenage girl and her father for this story (since both Ms. Goodman and Buzzfeed News claimed to have spoken to them). But I could not do so. I am glad now that I could not find out their identities.

Corrections to this theory in the light of Weiner’s conviction:

It is very important to correct things that are wrong. I have two major corrections to make to my theory, articulated in this story, following Anthony Weiner’s guilty plea to one count of transferring obscene material to a minor and also of attempting” to do so

The first is that Weiner did indeed, by his own account and that of prosecutors, transfer sexual material to a minor. The plea deal document said this happened ‘in 2016’. Therefore, all the following must be true, and I was wrong about them: Weiner did sext with a minor; the case was not invented, there was a real crime, with a real girl.

That is a fact. This article was a theory, written as such. And that theory has been proven partly wrong by the facts, which I must acknowledge with prominence. There was a real crime and a very serious one.

No 15 year old girl should ever have to undergo abusive contact by a predator like Weiner. Nor is she in any way whatsoever responsible for any actions by other adults. She is a pure victim.

The second thing I want to correct in this story is my blame on ADA Dana Boente.  President Obama removed him from the line of succession. This now appears to have been a clever and successful feint into trapping Trump into reappointing Boente. He clearly has the trust of Director Comey and DUSA Rosenstein, and therefore has mine. I apologize fulsomely to him.

As far as the rest of the story goes, it is vital to emphasize, and I do, that if men pretended that they were an abuse victim, that is on them and them alone. Such actions, showing intent, would add to Weiner’s guilt and not diminish it. If grown men faked any thing, as coming from an underage victim of crime, that, again, is on them, and not in any way whatsoever on the victim of the crime.

The Carolina Conspiracy Remains My Theory, Although Founded on a Real Crime

I also want to be clear, however, that I am not correcting, or altering, my overall theory in this article on Giuliani, Weiner, Trump and Russia. I believe based on all the evidence that Mr. Weiner also sexted and emailed with grown men who were not the real girl he factually abused, but whom he thought were that same girl.

I believe, based on the evidence of the indictment by the FBI of Nikulin in Federal Court in October 2016, that he used Formspring to plant a virus on Anthony Weiner’s computer and sway the election. From none of that do I resile. Weiner is a predator and a true crime took place with an underage victim. That does not exclude the rest of these events happening, and the FBI charge of Nikulin supports it. Thus, the thrust of the theory of a conspiracy in South Carolina, by hackers allied with Donald Trump and with Russia, to enable the seizure of Weiner’s computer, and to throw the election, remains. The fact is this conspiracy was enabled by a real offense of Weiner’s, it appears from his plea in court (as best I understand it). I have altered the text above to reflect the reality of that predatory offense.


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  1. Press today – sort of feels like a distraction – its a lot of not a lot new recylcled by NYT particularly – I have a bit of a sense of FBI NY briefing minimum necessary to ass-cover – Chris Christie flew in last night to organize (get people’s stories straight).

    Judge actions not words – Comey was in on it – Pence knew more (note 2 aides have come forward saying he only knew 11 Feb (A) its ass covering – they look to be needing to say it, because they know there is so much shit the president is going down and they need a timing break (B) Pence is not saying it – because it’s not true – and the “Aides” are nameless…

    Some interesting questions
    – Michael Flynn junior clearance removed vs DOJ Sally Yeats timing Flynn compromised (both early Jan)
    – Whitehouse IT staff frogmarched off – no-one yet got to the bottom of that (Note Giuliani’s absurd role as cyber-security)
    – Alfa bank server – could they have been using Alfa bank for campaign funds? – Is there a network analysis of when the IT calls occurred (ie Russia time / Washington time)?

    Oh look – after weekend reports saying flynn must be kept on to assist Trump in the vital Netanyahu visit – US announces it is in effect abandoning 2 state solution…
    well now we know the price – what was the purchase?

    And that very controversial (Obama) UN 26 december vote against Israel – I wonder where that fits in the chronology…

    I guess that leaves the European Union as the sole major sponsors of 2 state resolution – oh wait, huh – I guess it doesn’t if you go down the 2 spheres of influence break-up route – I guess you just end up with the US, and an over-armed Italy in the guise of Russia fighting Iran in the middle east…with no major global sponsor of a 2 state solution.

    Oh wait: where did the Russian Mafia end up hanging out again?
    “Israel is used by the Russian mafia for laundering money and for holding meetings, which is easy to do without attracting attention because at least 800,000 Israelis are Russian-born. Israeli currency laws are lax, to allow immigrants to bring money into the country safely. The Israeli police said earlier this year that they knew of 31 Russian mafia leaders in Israel, of whom only one is Jewish; the rest forged documents or arranged marriages to become Israeli citizens. Mr Lerner came to Israel in 1990. At this time, the Russian mafia held many of its meetings in Cyprus, but in 1993 switched to Tel Aviv to avoid the attention of foreign police forces.”

    Dear old Bibi however, has never, ever had contact with the Russian mob in Israel. (Analyse that!)

    On the brightside 2 amusing things from the Russians:
    1) US Russian embassy – ad showing how successful cowboys can be in Russia… (when Flynn dismissed & Spy ship passes by)
    2) Russia diplomat photo day (comedy moment itself) – one diplomat did a montage of what it takes to move up from level [1] to level [2] – “70% success in negotiations with the Italians”…

  2. James Comey – directly reported to Giuliani in SDNY 1987

    Wayne Barrett – Rudy! – page 228 – ref Dinkins/Giuliani election “September 28 1989, two weeks after the primary, Lynch got the first of three letters from the IRS about his 1985 tax return… Around the same time as the audit letter a top deputy close to both IRS agent Tony Lombardi and Giuliani, told two reporters that Lynch “had a tax problem” though he refused to be specific. The Deputy appeared to be tickled about the “problem”.

    Btw – Lombardi – the guy who with Giuliani got Trump out of the 200K cash for trump flats mess, was an IRS (not FBI) agent – personally requested by Giuliani, who was later indited for…”by October 27 1987, the subject of a criminal investigation. The IRS inspector general had opened a probe of his relationship with Arnold Herman, a NJ Businessman who had a big tax problem…He testified that he had lent the agent USD7k that had never been paid, sold a Cadillac and another car to him at a discount, paif for Lombardi’s Giants season tickets for 15 years and on about 20 occassions arranged and paid for rooms for Lombardi at two New Jersey hotels. IRS rules prohibib agents from having any type of financial relationship with an informant…

  3. Still reading through this, but FYI that “CWA” resembles the Cyrillic for “USA” (США) and not “USSR” (СССР)

  4. Michael M Schmidt NYT – interesting – sports writer makes his name changing sector entirely by making US soldiers look horrible in Iraq… then comes back – becomes nat security correspondent – breaks HRC email story – then – much to amazement of peers – ‘happens’ to be in FIFA hotel (yes – a Jim Comey NY FBI bust) as it happens…one might almost see a quid-pro-pro… then covers the HRC emails story going forward.
    Oh – and he published yesterdays NYT rehash saying absolutely zippo.
    I’m waiting for you to show how Comey is innocent in this.
    Oh yes – Steele helped with the FIFA bust right?

  5. The letters USSR in Cyrillic look like YCCP if you take their literal sounds “ooh (like “you”) “ess” “ess” “rr”. The acronym CCCP is the one we are more familiar with and corresponds to the Cyrillic initials for Soyuz Sovetsky Socialistichesky Respublik, which is the Russian name for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    The USA (United States of America) in Russian is Soedineny Shtati Ameriki. In Cyrillic those letters look like CWA ( the W looks more like an E with its points facing up )

  6. Hang in there…
    Your focus on chronology will always out the villains. (I had an internal investigation down to the minute – which les to the ‘don’t tell anyone, don’t put anything on email’ email.)
    Sadly the problem with going down the rabbit hole is that your head starts living evil people’s lives.
    You get my vote for a Pulitzer though – and I must admit to have been extremely dubious about you post your murdoch questioning. (Which I regret now).

  7. You are positively the most informed and thorough journalist I’ve ever seen. I know this all seems like some Tom Clancey novel, but you connect the dots! You’re my hero!

  8. You said “The letters USSR in Cyrillic look like the American letters “CWA.” It is a pun. But USSR translates to the Cyrillic that looks like CCCP. The letters that look somewhat like CWA spell out the abbreviation for USA. Соединённые Штаты Америки.

  9. Given (from your article) “A second letter, ostensibly written by her to James Comey, appears to contain an odd phrase used by Julia Hahn, a former Breitbart writer whom Steve Bannon brought into the White House, and Michelle Bachman.” I have to wonder if Stephen Miller is involved. Didn’t he work for Bachmann?

    Interesting article! Thanks.

  10. Some things to consider:

    1) she doesn’t claim to be a dude. She says “you got catfished by a dude,’ by way of emphasizing how out of control he is. He did. That’s a different set of texts from someone else – a male college student in Va., if I remember.

    2) There was somebody from Carolina involved, because one of the Daily Mail photos is of a woman in a Charlotte Knights t-shirt. That’s the sort of detail that a hacker in Russia wouldn’t figure out how to invent or incorporate. Charlotte Hornets maybe. Triple-A baseball, nuh-uh.

  11. Louise,

    “You got catfished by a dude” refers to this (over a month earlier):

    Whoever was communicating with Mr. Weiner wasn’t admitting that they were a dude. Although “she” did admit that she was catfishing him.

    How do you explain the images and video of the girl and her father? Just part of the scheme? If you’re a hacker working with corrupt FBI to get at Anthony Weiner’s computer, why involve a “15 year old” and her “father”? The FBI could have just hidden the lie behind the fact that the victim is a minor and not involved an actual person at all. It seems smartest to keep the number of people involved to a minimum (after all, loose lips sink ships!).

    And this:
    According to the text screenshots in the Daily Mail article, they ACTUALLY briefly Skyped:

    “Her”: Anyways I’d like to Skype you AGAIN. Some other night if that’s ok.

    Him: I caught a glimpse of your body (heart eyes emoji)

    Something to ponder.

  12. This may be a red herring (if so I apologise) but I understand Russian’s use merchant navy ships ‘souped up’ for intel. Ships are probably visible per airline maps used to interesting effect. Though i strongly suspect the mk plane may not be used again – or at least if it is – look sideways for a feint.

    So – The spy ship is public and may be there as a reminder…

    4 scenarios – may overlap
    (1) co-ordinating assets – extraction (I personally think they have a number of assets in place) but I think extraction would be most successful by submarine in practice
    (2) positional – they may be cut off the internet and need to ‘bounce-in’ attack breaking into local networks
    (3) listening-first warning – battlegaming for a worst case
    (4) may be a portable unit for the cosy/crazy bears – i.e. actual hacking teams on board.

  13. Interesting. One correction needs to be made, though I’ll leave it to you to determine how important it is. ‘CWA’ is not ‘USSR’ in Cyrillic. The Russian Cyrillic equivalent of ‘USSR’ is ‘СССР’ (Союз Советских Социалистических Республик), while the Russian Cyrillic for ‘USA’ is ‘США’ (Соединённые Штаты Америки).

  14. Erm – on FBI and NY just looking at Mr Sebastian Gorka’s articles on Breitbart – apart from being fairly lacking on brainpower (art of war quotes appear a number of times) something his peers reference- what is interesting is 1) he clearly admires Putin – who unlike NATO and NSC he says must have read more the art of war 2) his hitting home attack points that seem to sync with Russia propaganda and 3) most significantly he frequently discusses his FBI colleagues being frustrated and appears by his references to have more than a passing knowledge of NY links to those references. Its also an it unclear whether he did in fact ‘serve’ in 22 intelligence corp in the UK which you are better placed than I to determine. Also he has a bloody odd UCL college and has a somewhat dissembling cv on the web…

    For me though – this sounded familiar…”‘The FBI people I know are fed up with getting PC stuff down their throats’

  15. I want to mention a couple things. No need to publish this – I’m not trying to undercut your theory but to strengthen it. Perhaps you’ll find one of these bits useful.

    1) The email with the material from various literary and other sources – it may be an email. But the Daily Mail describes it as a ‘letter.’

    2) There is at least one other odd quote in there – “moral backbone of an eclair” is a quote about President McKinley, variously attributed to Theodore Roosevelt and Speaker Thomas Reed. As to why anyone would know the quote – well, maybe if they were big Dick Cheney fans:

    You might also run into it if you’re a fan of comedian John Mulaney, or if you were reading the American Spectator in 2008.

    3) In her faux letter to her teacher, she claims to have been a 13-year old Martin Amis fan. Camus at 13 I can believe. But Martin Amis?

    4) She also tells her teacher “I hope this doesn’t affect the bond we have formed over the years.” But she met him as a freshman, and wrote this letter as a sophomore. Yes it was fake (ie, she didn’t send it to her ‘teacher.’) But it would still be weird to sign off with such a comment if this was really a 15 year old thinking about (presumably) a real teacher of hers, who she had met something less than 2 years before. It’s a surprising comment for a 15 year old to say to anyone.

    5) The girl and her father signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Daily Mail. That’s certainly convenient if you don’t want unfriendly reporters around. Though there is also the claim that Weiner provided several outlets w enough info that they found her.

    6) I really don’t think the catfished by a dude comment is self-referential. It’s referring to another mini-Weiner scandal from a month before.

    7) One nagging question – Weiner mentions being hoaxed. But they Skyped. Did he not see her face over Skype? But if he did, doesn’t that mean there likely is an underage girl involved?

  16. Have you looked at the twitter user bobbitt’s weather? He opened his account in 11/1/16, posts almost exclusively about North Carolina weather, except that on 1/1 he replied to the Goodman/Fairbanks photo tweet (the one from 1/1, not 12/31) asking ‘how much did he pay yall?’

    I went all the way back through his feed. He does have some fairly tame pro-Trump tweets in early Nov. And his follows are weather tweeters plus a very standard set of Trumpista sites.

    But on election night he has a 1-word tweet, WOW, to @CassandraRules!

    I think he knows. He didn’t tweet Cassanda “how much he pay you?” And he could have tweeted her anytime. Instead, he tweeted ‘yall’ at the Goodman/Fairbanks photo.

  17. ALSO (unrelated):

    Did you ever look into the connection between Spectrum Health (its server) and the DeVos family?
    AND Richard Devos, Jr. is the Chairman of the Board of Spectrum Health Systems. Quite a coincidence!

    “Dick (Richard DeVos, Jr.) has been a valuable and committed leader on multiple boards for Spectrum Health. He will be an outstanding chairman as our board and system continue toward OUR VISION TO BE THE NATIONAL LEADER BY 2020,” said Richard C. Breon, President & CEO, Spectrum Health.

    Breon’s motivation may have to do with ACA repeal. Bad for business????

    Anyway, the two Richards clearly know one another. If they have similar political leanings, it’s not a stretch to imagine that they would conspire to help Trump. There were certainly some oddities uncovered during the Michigan recount attempt and I imagine the Devos’ have tremendous influence in the state.

    Any possibility of clandestine authorization of a funds transfer through the Spectrum server to SVB or Alfa Bank and back to Trump? Hmm…

  18. I love the fact sebastien gorka’s Wikipedia entry for UK has just been edited to reference a puffpiece cv he provided to the referenced website to quote – wikipedia self-reference at its best…A 2:2 from a somnolent corner of an obscure college linked to the university of london -no doubt with ‘sketchy’ attendance records or a friendly librarian, quoting TA university ‘service’ in 22 intel co. (Must be a fraud – TA at uni is about piss ups and shooting guns) and for a ‘philosopher/theologian’ student – erm… i smell mr George Smiley …at best the guy is incompetent, but i refuse to believe even TA would allow a dork like that onto its team.

    Also – website in Hungary complaining of character assassination says:

    The most serious one is that he allegedly lacks credentials and experience to serve as Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States Donald Trump and that he sports “Nazi sympathies.” That is complete bunk. Dr. Gorka actually has had a stellar, sustained track record in national security and military affairs for over 25 years.

    Its sort of nice when putin”s chaps self-identify…

  19. ‘let’s see how László Bartus, currently editor-in-chief of Népszava, the oldest Hungarian-language paper in the United States, remembers Gorka from those days. Bartus was working as a journalist in Hungary at the time. He claims that it was discovered that Gorka had never attended any institution of higher education. This may have been the case in 2002…”

    I guess it sort of raises the question – if he wasn’t ever at an HE how did he get into the TA of the uni of london…

    That sounds more likely though i suspect the adage is you can never trust the internet…


    You can cut down the link but there’s more background on Gorka – the father’s david irving connection – and interestingly the fact his father who claimed to be betrayed by philby when fleeing to uk and then ended up vetting the hungarians coming in london for uk…

    Mind you litvenyenko transcript to spain flagged thus was a position the kgb also liked to control…

  21. There are of course 2 ways planes are squirrelly in the US – squirrels…and drugs

    Best case – donald trump complicitly laundered drug money for mob from start – captured by wayne barret in the giuliani 200k cash apartment sale. He neede to supply cocaine for his atlantic city customers (firmer attendees attest) and so he was in symbiotic relationship.

    Worst case – trump increasingly was drawn into it and is at the top and things like the joe cinque hotel 7 star thing is more about what ‘services’ the hotel can provide… i’m still reserved on this – but things like joe cinque at nye, and also a global drug enforcement ambassador for giuliani linked fringe police org (joe cinque) used to be drug dealer.

    What i am convinced of, is that trump and putin’s potential friendship – ie they both saw in each other the potential to be friends – is because both raised themselves to power with drug mobs. For me, important also that Putin’s St Petersberg ties were Colombia linked.

  22. And btw i’m not russian – i just write badly and press send witout checking grammar or spell-checking. The luxury of gardening leave.

  23. Your story says:

    Love your reporting!

    “The hacker group’s name, sources say, is a pun. The letters USSR in Cyrillic look like the American letters “CWA”. I think you mean the initialism for the Russian language translation of USA in Cyrillic letters: “USA” =США

    You are doubtless aware that what you say about these sloppy hackers’ breadcrumbs elsewhere echoes what Anon said in a December YouTube video about how Trump’s operatives were “sloppy” and left a trail that Anon had evidence of.

  24. Interesting coincidence: Trumpcoast, who said in August: “If you don’t yet have sufficient reason to at least vote against Hillary, please let Anthony Weiner sexting with a baby, be the last straw.” was RTed by Donald Trump (more likely his media handlers- Parscale?) in March earlier in 2016:
    People think Trump just picks random followers to RT but I’ve long thought his account has lists, just like everyone else and those RTs are for messaging. Even if they’re not it’s a strange coincidence that the account who was talking about Weiner sexting w/an underaged girl before anyone knew about it was also RTed by Trump’s account, isn’t it?

  25. > The letters USSR in Cyrillic look like the American letters “CWA”.

    I think you mean: The letters USA in Cyrillic look like the American letters “CWA”.

    USA in Cyrillic is “США” which stands for “Соединенные Штаты Америки” aka “United States of America”

  26. I’ve been following your work on Russia/Trump connections and I find much of it convincing. That being said, I have some questions about this particular article. If the Russian hacker hypothesis is correct, do the alleged daughter and father exist at all? If they do, why not come out against the Daily Mail’s piece? Even if the 15 yr old was a setup by a 28 yr old Russian hacker, doesn’t the fact that Anthony Weiner obviously thought he was communicating with a 15 yr old girl make him liable for criminal prosecution in any case?

    I do find the bizarrely plagiarized catfishing email, the dates on the videos, the travel logs, and the Fairbanks – Goodman connection to be extremely suspect. The means, motive, and opportunity you list make a lot of sense. I also think your theory about the Russian intelligence agencies having inside men at the Bureau and NYPD to be completely plausible. After all, the Soviets stole the secret of the Bomb using infiltrators with extraordinarily high levels of access back in the ’40s. And as Schindler points out, Russian methods of intelligence work have remained very consistent for 100 years.

    How would you respond to the argument laid out in this article? Is there any specific crime you think one can point to as reason for an investigation? Maybe communication with whoever or whatever it was that was sufficient to obtain the FISA warrant? How much do you think NSA/FBI/CIA really know?

    I can’t believe I voted for Trump to be president. I do think it unfortunate that the man’s valid campaign message on certain controversial political points will become extremely tarnished when the truth of his dealings with Russian intelligence come to light. Both Repubs and Dems need to focus first on fixing the problem of Russian infiltration. To their credit, Dems seem to be facing reality first sooner, albeit mostly out of political partisanship rather than real concern for natsec. After 8 years of ignoring the Russia problem, Dems woke up only at the 11th hour due to partisan concerns. Obama could have paid attention to what his intel chiefs told him and stood up to Putin’s aggression 8 years earlier. Still, a late awakening is better than none, which is where all Republican officials seem to be at right now. From the party of Reagan to the useful idiots and knowing agents of Vlad Putin in 30 years.

  27. Hi louise – see tweets am getting to grips with twitter – was never able to use social media so apologies.

    Key points – meet the press
    1) very poor interviewer – assume questions agreed in advance?
    2) first q – were there ‘illegal wiretaps’ answer 1 = no (query whether this includes legal) – besring in mind clappers previous ‘record on truth?’
    3) answer 1 continues caveat only those IC reporting to me – not state or local or other title 3
    4 ) second question – *only relates to FBI wiretaps – no – to my knowledge – note the addition – on this sort of matter yes i would know – query whether fbi crime reports
    5) clapper suppresses smile at 2:30 ‘more may have developed after i left’ – note he resigned 17 niv – effective 20 jan
    6) can you allow dms on twitter please – as i really have little idea you read this. Hopefully i pass the not too mad test.

  28. The letters USSR in Cyrillic look like the American letters “CCCP.” The Russian Cyrillic letters that look like “CWA” would translate to “USA” in English. I see you blocked me on twitter for pointing this out, but I am simply trying to help you. Google Translate will confirm this: type USA in English and then translate it to Russian; do the same for USSR.

  29. Great article. Not sure where you got the idea that CWA looks like Cyrillic for USSR. The Cyrillic for USSR looks like CCCP. CWA is a play on NWA–“N—–s with Attitude” the South Central LA hip hop band. Since n—– is a pejorative for African American, the substitution of “cracker” (pejorative for low class white, usually Southern; see also “hillbilly” and “white trash”) is a (suspiciously alt-right sounding) sophomoric moniker. Racist and proud of it.

  30. Did you see how trump gave Comey a kiss on the cheek even blowing a kiss to Comey? Comey walked over too him like a little girl. Undercover??

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  32. I want this one to be true. Lara Trump’s performance cannot go unpunished. I despise arrogant criminals.

  33. Pretty good but if they had access to laptop there was no need for anyone inside to load the emails. The hackers would have preloaded the emails for the investigators to “find” them. The invesitgatoesat not have been need to be topped off that there would be something to find

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