Sources: Russia probe means President Hatch; RICO Case Against GOP


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Several separate sources with links to the intelligence communities of more than one nation, and with links within the US state and federal justice systems, have outlined  evidence that exists against multiple men in the line of succession to the US Presidency, as it relates to Russia’s hack on America. I can also exclusively report  a RICO case is being considered against the Republican party for laundering Russian money.

These sources say that Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, who was the ‘Designated Survivor’ at the inauguration of Donald Trump (yes, really) is likely to become President if charges are pursued, according to the evidence, of illegal collusion with Russia, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

On Donald Trump there is voluminous evidence he knowingly colluded with the Russian state in the hacking of the U.S election, and laundered Russian money through shell companies. This evidence is both data-based, for example, based on the way the server he registered laundered stolen voter registration databases with the DNC’s Vertica database in order to target Russian propaganda at voters.

He has additionally both directly obstructed justice and conspired with others to do so. Rather than repeat previous reporting in this piece I will devote a separate article to the case against Mr. Trump.

On Mike Pence, there is evidence that he obstructed justice, conspired to obstruct justice, and knew that General Mike Flynn was co-ordinating Russia’s propaganda message on behalf of a foreign power. Pence also violated the Logan Act and obstructed justice when he conspired with Donald Trump to order General Flynn illegally to discuss the removal of sanctions while Barack Obama was still President, and that Pence, Trump and Flynn did so to undermine the action a sitting President was taking against a foreign adversary, as President Obama was expelling Russian spies. I do not mean in this list to exclude evidence of Pence’s espionage, sedition and money-laundering offenses which may have happened during the campaign; it is rather that sources have been more explicit as to Pence’s constitutional and legal violations around President Obama’s actions against Russia, conspiring with Trump to undermine the President of the United States in his action against a foreign adversary.

On Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, normally third in the line of succession, I can report as fact that sources say that Ryan has been legally intercepted, and is on tape, admitting that he knew Russian money was being laundered into the Republican party. Without co-operation pending resignation Ryan may find himself swept up into a RICO prosecution involving the apparatus of the Republican party who accepted laundered Russian money.

This report is a clarification of what I have previously said I had heard on Twitter; namely that Ryan himself was taped at the Republican convention talking to Sergei Kislyak accepting Russian money into the campaign. Following the unconstitutional dismissal of patriot FBI Director Comey by Sessions and Trump,  sources have become more forthcoming. It was, they say, Reince Priebus who was taped talking to Sergei Kislyak and other Russians at the convention, agreeing to accept laundered or disgused Russian contributions, and Speaker Ryan is on a later intercept admitting that he knew of this plot, which places him at risk of a large number of criminal charges. A RICO case is being examined against the GOP itself, sources say.

The fourth person in the line of succession is Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, as President pro-tem of the Senate. Sources with links to the intelligence community say they do not know of any collusion by Hatch in either money-laundering or in accepting Russian intelligence; this does not mean, they warn, that such evidence does not exist.

Some readers have expressed dismay that President Trump may use his powers of pardon to escape justice by pardoning his own confederates in their crimes. Several, separate sources with links to both the intelligence and justice communities note that any person or candidate who accepted laundered donations through banks with branches in Wall Street (even if they are from, say, Wisconsin) is liable to charges from New York’s state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Further, it is understood that the FBI and Federal Prosecutors are working on multiple sets of charges both carefully and individually. Were Mr. Trump to pardon General Flynn for violating the Logan Act, as one example, Flynn would have to accept he committed the crime and Trump would thereby admit his own guilt, leading to impeachment. Prosecutors might then bring separate, subsequent cases against Flynn for RICO, violations of FARA, lying to the FBI, lying on his SF-86, and so forth. At the same time, state courts, where Trump has no powers of pardon, would proceed against Flynn on money laundering crimes, and obstruction of justice charges against Trump might be laid out by Federal prosecutors before the Senate. Violation of the Logan Act is one charge against Flynn which applies to both Trump and Pence, and some lawyers read the power of Presidential pardon as not to apply to cases involving a President’s own impeachment.

Editor’s Note:  Whistleblowing

Following the unconstitutional firing of FBI Director James Comey, I am reporting, in the summary above, on at least some of the evidence that, sources say, exists on several men in the line of succession. This brief report is designed to allow whistleblowing staffers on Capitol Hill, and others, to discuss these matter, relying on a previously published report. Normally, perhaps, blogs would not give sufficient cover, but as Press Secretary Sean Spicer has spent several minutes reading my work aloud from the White House press podium, in order falsely to characterize it, the White House can now hardly object if whistleblowers decide to cite patribotics now.

For these reasons, there will be a separate report summarizing some of the evidence that, sources say, exists on figures within the Trump campaign and the Trump administration who are not part of the Presidential line of succession later, as well as a third detailing some of the offenses sources say Donald Trump has himself committed.

If whistleblowers wish to contact patribotics they are encouraged to get in touch on Twitter or via the contact form elsewhere on this site.


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