Mike Flynn Turns on Trump, Talks To FBI

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Multiple sources with links to the intelligence and law enforcement communities say that Lt. Gen Mike Flynn has turned on Donald Trump, and has already had at least one lengthy interview with the FBI.

General Flynn has not been offered a deal as of yet, these sources say. They indicate that as of this writing Flynn has not been arrested. He would likely be offered a chance to surrender himself, sources report, when that time comes.

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Sources with links to the Justice Department indicate that General Flynn has already been indicted. On Twitter, Claude Taylor exclusively reported on May 14th that an indictment against Flynn had been returned by a Grand Jury and that this indictment was sealed. I can further report that Flynn’s indictment is thought to be for his failure to register under FARA, the Foreign Agents’ Registration Act, for his lobbying for Turkey. Reporting by NBC of Grand Jury subpoenas in an investigation for which Flynn is the subject, sources say, cover separate offenses of Mike Flynn’s that are linked to Russia. These are being investigated under prosecutors in Northern Virginia*, with an attorney accustomed to handling espionage prosecutions.

Sources believe that General Mike “Misha” Flynn, to give him the Russian nickname he awarded himself when picked up by British intelligence committing treason in Cambridge, England, panicked when he heard that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had been appointed to head the investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia.

Mike Flynn may also have interpreted Donald Trump’s text to him, ‘Stay Strong,’ on the day the subpoenas for evidence in the ongoing case against him were announced, as a threat. Sources believe that Flynn informed the FBI, and multiple other persons, of Trump’s text himself.

Separate sources with links to the intelligence community confirm our earlier reporting on how Mike Flynn co-ordinated Russia’s propaganda attack on the West on behalf of Trump, giving advice across Europe to far-right parties linked to the Russian state. These include, but are not limited to, UKIP, Marine Le Pen in France and a far-right party in Austria. Flynn regarded himself as a partisan of the Russian state, and his assistance in Russia’s messaging was not limited to hacking the American election, but in trying to boost Nazi ideology and Putin allies right across Europe. These sources state that Gen. Flynn could receive the death penalty for espionage for these activities, if charges are brought on the matter and he is found guilty.

Flynn is being decommissioned, sources say, meaning that he is telling the FBI what he knows. This is clearly very bad news for Donald Trump and all those around him who colluded with Russia. It may be particularly bad news for Vice-President Mike Pence, who is attempting, with little success, to disclaim knowledge of Flynn’s collusion with Russia.


  • [correction] – I originally wrote the Northern District of Virginia as opposed to Northern Virginia

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  1. I want to comment on the morning story from WhoWhatWhy that you’re concerned might be wrong. I had suggested a few months ago that there was another weird passage in the letter of the girl in the Weiner case – the chocolate eclair line. It’s a reference to Pres. McKinley. No 15 or 17 year old girl wrote that line.

    WhoWhatWhy’s mention of Charles Johnson made the sourcing more clear. Johnson wrote a bio of Pres. Coolidge, and worked closely with Prof. Charles Kesler at Claremont McKenna. Kesler is an expert in fin-de-siecle Republicans, and wrote an op-ed in the New York Times praising Trump for returning the GOP to its Coolidge/McKinley roots.

    Whatever else may be true – 17 yo, 15 yo, etc. – clearly the letter in the Daily Mail from the “girl” was written by Chuck Johnson. That much should be alleged somewhere more prominently than by me.

  2. I do not know if they saw the interview of Fbi employees who spent in Cnn but found it very good.Tom Norton and Isis Akemi Hasebe are always very consistent in FBI interviews.

  3. ..8 months later and still no evidence that Flynn “Turns on Trump” ..it’s difficult to take sites like this serious when they don’t run credible stories.

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