Rex Tillerson Under Criminal Investigation for ‘Wayne Tracker’ Fraud

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Sources with links to the justice system in the state of New York report that Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, is the subject of a major criminal investigation by Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General of New York.

Tillerson is being investigated for financial fraud during his time at Exxon Mobile, these sources say, because he used a fake name, ‘Wayne Tracker’ to attack climate change scientists that were holding Exxon to account. Exxon then said they ‘lost the emails’ in a court filing to New York State.

Eric Schneiderman is now far advanced in a criminal case against Tillerson that would involve financial fraud charges related to Exxon’s stock price. Sources specified that personal criminal charges against Tillerson himself, as well as corporate action against Exxon, are actively being pursued.

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In Nov 2015 Mr. Schneiderman first subpoenaed Exxon; in March 2017, a state judge ordered the company to cooperate.

Tillerson used the alias account to send and receive information about climate change and other matters, Schneiderman said in a March 13 letter to the court.

Schneiderman said Exxon failed to disclose the “Wayne Tracker” account, and that it had been uncovered during the review of other materials.

The letter also said Exxon had produced 60 documents bearing the “Wayne Tracker” email, but had not said the account was Tillerson’s.

Mr. Tillerson, as Secretary of State, precedes Defense Secretary Mattis in the line of Presidential succession. If tried and convicted, he would not be eligible to serve as President. The same applies to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, who attended the “Scot 24” meeting currently under UK and US investigation for Russian money laundering and collusion.

Sources indicated there is a wish to bring any appropriate criminal charges against Tillerson in a timely fashion, should he not agree to a plea, in order that he get nowhere near the Presidency.

As reported elsewhere on Patribotics, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah is first in line to the Presidency after Trump, Pence and Ryan, all of whom are under criminal counterintelligence investigation for collusion with Russia. Should Senator Hatch feel that, in a time of crisis, James Mattis would be the best man for the Oval Office, he may choose to step aside. Both Mnuchin and Tillerson would face criminal charges promptly, sources linked to the intelligence community have said, were they not to to be amenable to deals offered them by prosecutors to step aside and allow the smooth transition of power.

Criminal charges at the state level against Tillerson would not be pardonable by Donald Trump at the federal level. This is particularly important in the case of Tillerson, as the criminal case against him does not relate to Russia. Trump is indicted at Federal level on a RICO case involving Russia, and may not pardon any co-conspirators as it would amount to self-pardon.

His powers of pardon are otherwise untouched, however, and he would have the ability to pardon Mr. Tillerson on financial crimes, not related to Russia, at the Federal level. Mr. Schneiderman has jurisdiction because Exxon does business in New York; the location of many banks in Wall Street, for example, gives Schneiderman power of money laundering that uses accounts in those banks.


  1. I hope every word of this is true! It would be wonderful. I have been suspicious of Tillerson since he appeared out of nowhere to be Secretary of State and seemed to have more ties to Putin than to anyone in the Trump administration. I have studied US foreign policy for years and believe Tillerson is single handedly trying to ruin US diplomacy and our Dept of State – something directly in Putin’s interest. Was wondering if Rexxon has lots of Putin ties in addition to the friendship medal? Thank you for your excellent reporting. I hope every word comes true…and SOON! Like the old Smiths song How Soon Is NOW?!

  2. Just to ask, is Tillerson receiving the Order of Friendship in that photo? That’s definitely Vladimir Putin with him, so I want to be sure. I’m not familiar with Russian civilian medals for foreign “comrades” (to use their preferred word, duh).

  3. I love your work and follow you avidly. This is very sloppy. “…power of money laundering” Please have someone proof read your work before posting

  4. LM’s post on Tillerson hoping for pardon…from Cuomo. Worst nightmare: He pardons Trumpers for NYS crimes + gets Trump pardon for federal (SDNY) crimes.

  5. What a weasel Tillerson is!
    Dumb too – he doesn’t realize he has condemned his kids and grandkids to a terrible life in a world of doubt

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