Exclusive: Trey Gowdy Donor PAC Linked to Russia’s Hack of America

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Congressman Trey Gowdy, on the House Intelligence Committee, is funded by PACs which appear also to have funded Russia’s attack on the United States election.

Mr. Gowdy is a former prosecutor who went out of his way to castigate Hillary Clinton for her email server. When Jason Chaffetz illegally revealed the letter James Comey had sent to the heads of the House and Senate intelligence committees, removing the ‘classified’ markings from the portion he tweeted out to the world, Gowdy wrote:

Fiat justitia ruat caelum – May Justice be Done though the Heavens fall.

It is in that noble spirit that Patribotics presents this report.

Trey Gowdy’s main donors are connected directly to Cambridge Analytica, the data company that targeted the US election, washing their Facebook and Twitter targeting with the stolen DNC Vertica database and with state voter rolls that were hacked. They also appear to be connected to direct funding of Democratic voter suppression and to the Kelhios botnet, which I have reported was both sent from command and control servers operating from Trump hotels, and was paid for by Boris Epshteyn on behalf of both Russia and Trump.

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Mr. Gowdy’s funding also connects the Russian hack and the RICO case on the GOP as a body neatly together.

Gowdy’s main donors for the last two years include Great America PAC, which paid for “online voter contact” to various organizations. These include Media Bridge LLC, World Net Daily and Campaign Solutions:

camp sol.jpg

Media Bridge LLC is, per its website, run by Shane Cory. He also takes responsibility for ‘Renew America PAC’ on Twitter. It hosts Liberty News Now dot com, which has in the past been hosted on what is a known “Command and Control” malware server.

Renew America PAC is ultimately run by the former Republican Senator Alfonse D’Amato, who defended Russian hacking of the election and attacked the intelligence community in an article in December:

Do not be fooled! This is nothing more than a cheap ploy by a couple of bad apples in the CIA and the intelligence community to manipulate what is being reported to the American public…..

It’s about time that someone stood up and criticized the intelligence community for the negligence and disrespect it showed to our elected officials and the American public.

Mr. Backer’s firm, according to the UK’s Telegraph, specializes in taking foreign contributions and hiding them:

…key supporters were prepared to accept illicit donations from foreign backers.

Senior figures involved with the Great America PAC, one of the leading “independent” groups organising television advertisements and grassroots support for the Republican nominee, sought to channel $2 million from a Chinese donor into the campaign to elect the billionaire despite laws prohibiting donations from foreigners.

Great America PAC also spent on Campaign Solutions and on WorldNetDaily for “Online Voter Contact”.

World Net Daily is a fake news pusher. The FBI investigated, on Election Day, for links to Russia, accounts and individuals pushing fake news about the election.

Campaign Solutions worked with Cambridge Analytica when placing targeted ads on behalf of John Bolton; these are Robert Mercer supported entities. Cambridge Analytica is under FBI investigation and the SVB server, which sent its targeting to the Trump Server, was, we report, the subject of a FISA warrant obtained by James Comey on Oct 15, 2016. According to Ad Age, Campaign Solutions began working with this major target of Mueller’s inquiry as far back as 2014:

 the PAC and Campaign Solutions first worked with Cambridge Analytica during the 2014 midterms

Furthermore, Trey Gowdy did not merely get a donation from a group that spent on Campaign Solutions. His main contributor, per the FEC, is from his “E Donation 5 Account”. The image of the form shows their mailing address, 117 North St. Asaph St,  is the same as that of Campaign Solutions.


Thus, we can say that Trey Gowdy is directly receiving donations from PACs working with the Russian hackers of the US election. Whether Media Bridge LLC – the apparent boss Mr. Cory follows Roger Stone, Russia’s RT.com and Wikileaks on Twitter, and at the time of writing he only follows 153 accounts –

is connected to “Media Bridge United” and “EU Mediabridge”, both registered at the identical P.O. Box as Hostkey, the Russian Wikileaks hosts, remains to be seen, but doubtless Mr. Mueller will have questions.  IP registered to these domains pumped out fake news videos laden with malware.



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  1. Trey Howdy will remain beyond reproach. The world relies on his professionalism and the clean hands& clean souls of his peers.

  2. I just don’t even bother visiting “conservative” media sites anymore for this reason, and also the fact that the majority of writers there all seem to have no trouble drinking the Kool-Aid and promoting worship of You-Know-Who (Donald Trump) and other obnoxious bits of fake news.

  3. Due to the lack of ANY tangible evidence, physical or circumstantial, of ‘Russian’ collusion OR interference WHATSOEVER in the election (the author of this BS, Deep State propaganda KNOWS this), ‘news’ outlet has a significant credibility problem. You cannot tie someone to something that never happened and/or doesn’t exist. Research this: NOT ONE of ‘the 17’ intelligence agencies had/has/will ever have any evidence against Russia interfering in any way in our election….If you have seen or read anything to the contrary, it cannot (nor will it will never be) presented in a court of law because it it has been fabricated by the Deep state and manipulated by mainstream media. Every agency official on mainstream media reporting that they have seen any type of document(s) suggesting such a FARCE are F.O.S. and have a MUCH larger and MUCH more terrifying agenda to attend to….mark my words. WAKE UP SHEEPLE OF AMERICA! OPEN NOT JUST YOUR EYES, BUT ALSO YOUR MINDS! Stop wasting your precious time on lies and take the time to RESEARCH what media reports. They are counting on you to NOT do so in order for their EVIL and MANIPULATIVE agenda to work!

  4. When will Gowdy, Sessions, Bannon, Miller, Gorka, and the other Trump-worshipping Southern-fried closeted segregationists or accused white supremacists just hurry it up and admit that they have race problems? And when will those sleepy-eyes folks and their enablers (see: Hannity, Sean, last spotted promising to interview You-Know-Who on live TV in front of a studio audience) also wake up and admit they have Russia-related problems?

  5. Trey Gowdy is a very frightening man. He reminds me of evil extreme religious right fictional characters in some Stephen King novel. I would crow with delight to see this man secured behind bars. The self-righteous seem to fall hard, when they are finally taken down.

  6. you know there is a company in So. Fla.
    making AK-47s as we speak-which are
    ASSUALT WEAPONs complete with
    large Cap. Magazines 30+ Boward? county?

  7. Trey Gowdy is just as big a liar and crook as trump is, thank you for your due diligence in getting to the truth!

  8. Desperate Libtards at it again…TRUMP will be President for 6 more years so it looks like you folks will be hand wring for another 6 wonderful years 😜😜😜😜😜😜

  9. No wonder Trey Gowdy isn’t seeking re-election. He already knew his days were numbered and Mueller had hard evidence on him.

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