Exclusive: Farage’s Brexit Team ‘Mueller Interview’ over Cambridge Analytica

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Andy Wigmore, the right-hand man to Arron Banks and Nigel Farage, has admitted that he has been questioned by Bob Mueller in regards to the Trump Russia inquiry.

Mr. Wigmore stated on Twitter that he spoken to Bob Mueller’s team at the FBI’s Field Office in Washington, DC. He posted a cheerful picture of himself wearing an FBI t-shirt taken at those offices, to me directly, on August 27th:

After the Guardian reported that Nigel Farage was declared to be a ‘person of interest’ in the FBI’s criminal investigation into Trump Russia collusion, matters appeared to go quiet, until this week a U.K MP, Labour’s Ben Bradshaw, a former Culture Secretary, called for the Electoral Commission to examine whether Russia interfered in Brexit.

In the interim, Mr. Wigmore was interviewed by Robert Mueller’s team (he said) and the FBI. It is important to note that these two are not the same thing. Mr. Mueller’s team could have interviewed Wigmore at the FBI Field Office, the FBI could have interviewed him, or both could have done so separately.

Mueller fishing – he has to to save face he’s desperate to pin anything, literally anything on Trump but he will fail and look a bellend [sic, British slang for ‘idiot’]  too.

When a user suggested to Wigmore that ‘there was collusion, treason with Russia’, Wigmore replied:

“really no there wasn’t – but you believe what u want to – even Mueller realise he’s looking stupid – he’s pretty cross he’s been sold a crock of shit and wants revenge on the leakers and recipients”

He went on to say that I was “on a list” he received from Julian Assange as a recipient of leaks and would therefore shortly be arrested by the FBI myself:

“Your name mentioned Loo Loo – hope you’ve never seen or handled or even were told about leaks – your contacts about to drop you right in it…”

He further said that if Senator John McCain went down, “so do you”.

I double checked with Wigmore that he had been interviewed, which he confirmed. He added again that Julian Assange had my name on a list of those who had ‘handled stolen secrets’ (with no discernible sense of irony).  “See about to announce the secret leakers and who handled stolen secrets, saw your name going to prison!praying for you Loo”, he said.

Mr. Wigmore also discussed my reporting that GCHQ taped Steve Mnuchin, Donald Trump and other members of their team in Scotland on June 24th, 2016, when, I report, the hacking deal was finalized.
That’s right because it didn’t happen – no Russian in Scotland apart from those that live there and interestingly not big Putin fans – lol. I speak with them often – one is National Olympic Committee of Russia shooting – shot with him many times stayed with him often in Scotland
Wigmore is, or was, an Olympic Ambassador for Belize in shooting. He refused to name the specific Russian. However, I had tweeted that Steve Mnuchin had been recorded by GCHQ in Scotland on June 24th, and Wigmore replied:
I know the Russian you are talking about and they were definitely not in Scotland….they were in France LOL

Mr. Wigmore is dyslexic and therefore I am unsure whether he meant to use the singular or if it was a typo for ‘Russians’. I pointed out that I had not mentioned any Russians in my tweet about Mnuchin and Trump being recorded by GCHQ at Trump Turnberry. This exchange may be worth reproducing:

Me: Andy, I didn’t mention a given Russian.

Mr. Wigmore: I know exactly what you are referring to – you forget our company stuffed with ex @gchq 5/6 SAS – not difficult dopey

I followed up on Mr. Wigmore’s assertion that Russians based in Scotland, connected to the Russian shooting team, were involved in the June 24th plot to hack America – something my article did not suggest – and was interested to read his defense of one Mr. Lisin using only his surname, as though the two were familiar with each other.


Mr. Wigmore adamantly proclaims his innocence in the hack of the American election by the Russians.

*this reporter declares her interest in that Mr. Wigmore promised her an FBI Washington Field Office t-shirt, which she is keen to receive from him, though not at the apparent price of taking tea at Trump Towers. (I prefer my tea polonium-free).


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