Exclusive: Erik Prince Worked For Chinese Intelligence; Pence Targeted

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Exclusive: sources with links to American and Australian intelligence report that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s letter to Mike Pence, demanding information on his knowledge of Mike Flynn’s links to Russia, Turkey but also to China, relates to Erik Prince’s paid work for Chinese intelligence.

Robert Mueller’s investigation is focused on crimes of obstruction of justice and lying to the FBI, sources said. Vice President Pence headed the transition team, which is under investigation for multiple criminal acts, including the exposure of American assets in Russia, thought to have been performed by Boris Epshteyn. In the spring, sources told Patribotics that Mr. Epshteyn was an agent of the FSB, or Russian intelligence, as opposed to a mere asset of Russia. This outlet reported exclusively that Epshteyn was one of four men named in James Comey’s first application to FISC, the court that decides whether or not to to grant a FISA warrant, in June, the other three being Carter Page, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump.

That application failed. This reporter broke that news at Heat Street, a Dow Jones publication, last November. Mike Pence has, sources say, committed a number of crimes, some which do not involve national security and which took place while Pence was still Governor of Indiana. I am withholding reporting on those offenses at the request of sources. Mr. Pence is, however, currently under the spotlight in both criminal and congressional inquiries for the transition team’s knowledge of criminal acts that took place while Mike Flynn was the incoming National Security Adviser. Mr. Mueller requested documents from the White House in August in order to determine, sources reported, whether or not they matched with the list of documents Mr. Flynn had already provided to James Comey and the FBI when he first flipped in the spring. This is because Mr. Mueller is looking at the White House transition team for obstruction of justice charges, as well as more serious counts, such as espionage in the case of Mr. Epshteyn.

That Erik Prince formed a ‘back channel’ to Russia has already been widely reported. What is far less well known, however, is that Prince was also working closely with Chinese intelligence. China aided Russia in its attack on US intelligence last year. The Steele dossier mentioned China in terms of the Trump family’s business interests.

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Sally Yates was fired after her warnings about Mike Flynn stripped White House Counsel Don McGahn of some of his deniability, sources said.

Erik Prince, unable to work in the United States, turned to Chinese intelligence for work some years ago. Former U.S. Ranger and author Jack Murphy broke this news for the military news site SOFREP in March:

It now appears China’s newest proxy soldier is Erik Prince, the former SEAL, the private military company CEO, and once CIA cut-out. When the Chinese government absorbs Prince’s knowledge, they will then strip the Western characteristics from it (including Prince himself) to create a uniquely Chinese approach to covert operations, using specific techniques gleaned from Prince about intelligence and paramilitary operations.

If the claims of Prince laundering money through Chinese banks with the assistance of the MSS prove to be true, Prince can look forward to being gifted a Chinese passport and a permanent stay in Hong Kong, as he will never be setting foot in the United States again unless he strikes a considerable plea bargain with the Department of Justice.

Jared Kushner is today revealed to have told Flynn to contact Russia. Kushner and Ivanka Trump are both on signals intelligence, or SIGINT, gathered by Australian intelligence, sources with links to that country’s intelligence services reported. Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump are suspected of having asked China for payoffs washed through property dealings. When Erik Prince was unable properly to communicate with governmental officials based on his links to China being discovered, Mike Flynn was deputed to carry on that “business” for the Trumps and Kushners in his place, sources said.

The Russia-friendly online magazine ‘The Intercept’ ran a negative piece on Erik Prince’s links to China in March of 2016. This piece appears to have been planted by allies of Russia and China, working for Oleg Deripaska, in order to warn the perpetrators – namely Prince and his friends in the Trump camp – that his links to China have been discovered. Sources with links to the intelligence community have described this technique to me as “front face to warn”. To “front face” a piece of secret intelligence is to deliberately leak it to the public, with the intent for it to be widely known.

Mike Flynn has not been accused of setting up ‘back channels’ to Russia as both Jared Kushner and Erik Prince have been. Rather, his indictment has him openly setting policy for the United States with Russia, on the very day when President Obama, as Commander in Chief, was acting against them, as a hostile nation, for their attack on the US election. In the same way, the Senate is examining whether or not Mike Flynn was an ‘open channel’ to China for the enrichment of the Trumps and Kushners while Erik Prince performed this function in the background.

Jared Kushner and Erik Prince’s recent re-emergence on our television screens is no accident, sources said.

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