UPDATED: Stone ‘Backchannel’ Hosted Schneiderman Accuser in 2016

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UPDATED: The Associated Press announced that the Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate Eric Schneiderman for alleged assault will bring no charges.

NEW YORK (AP) — The special prosecutor appointed to investigate allegations that former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman physically abused women said Thursday that she has closed the case without bringing criminal charges.

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas announced her decision in a brief statement. She said investigators did an “exhaustive review” and she personally interviewed each woman who had accused Schneiderman of assault.

Governor Cuomo appointed Singas over Cyrus Vance, the District Attorney for Manhattan because there was a conflict of interest. Schneiderman was investigating Vance for corruption in his failure to prosecute both Harvey Weinstein and Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, the latter two having donated to Vance’s campaign. Although Weinstein was not a direct donor to Vance, his lawyer David Boies was:

Vance has also faced criticism for accepting a $10,000 donation from David Boies, an attorney who has represented Weinstein, in August 2015, according to campaign financial disclosure forms from the New York State Board of Elections.

By contrast, Eric Schneiderman had filed a civil lawsuit against Weinstein as State AG, even as his office criminally investigated Vance’s dereliction of duty. As we have exclusively reported, Schneiderman was a major player in the fight against Russia. Schneiderman began a case at state that would wind up as a Federal RICO indictment against Donald Trump; and Schneiderman had Trump Tower under state surveillance for more than a year preceding Trump’s election as President. 

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The Associated Press wrongly reports that Mr. Schneiderman did not deny the allegations of assault at the time. 

Schneiderman at the time didn’t deny the allegations, but implied in a statement that his conduct was either welcomed or was not as the women described.

In fact, Mr. Schneiderman did firmly deny the allegations. The New York Times quoted his statement as saying: 

serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me… 

I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex


Schneiderman admitted to what he described as consensual role-playing with the accusers, who were his long-term romantic partners. Like Al Franken, he apologized for causing emotional pain to women, but did not admit any legal wrongdoing, which, like Franken, he denies. As our original report details below, both Schneiderman’s and Franken’s accusers were tied to Roger Stone. 

Original Story Continues Below

Explosive revelations that women who accused former New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of physically abusing them during long-term dating relationships, decided to take their stories to Michael Cohen and Donald Trump instead of to the police, have been further complicated by the discovery that both the accusers, and the authors and publication that carried the anti-Schneiderman story, may also have been linked to Roger Stone – just as Al Franken’s accuser Leanne Tweeden was.

Twitter user @Inesie reported on the night Scheiderman resigned, that Stone’s “human backchannel” to Wikileaks, Randy Credico, had hosted Jennifer Gonnerman on his radio show in 2016.


Roger Stone was a guest on the same show with Ms. Gonnerman. Mr. Credico evidently knows both Stone and Gonnerman well:

Mr. Credico hosted Gonnerman most recently in late January of 2017.

Credico’s association with Gonnerman goes back several years, according to his Twitter feed. In 2015, he credited her for helping him change drug laws:

The unverified story in the New Yorker that accused Mr. Scheiderman acknowledged that Ms. Gonnerman, a friend of accuser Tanya Selvaratnam, was a key figure in setting up the report:

Senna advised Selvaratnam to retrieve her belongings from his apartment. On November 3, 2017, she did so, with another friend—Jennifer Gonnerman, a staff writer at this magazine. As they carried her things outside, they talked about the fact that Selvaratnam couldn’t possibly be the only woman who had seen this side of Schneiderman. Gonnerman asked her who else he had dated. Selvaratnam knew of one former girlfriend—not Manning Barish—and described where she had worked.

The next day, Gonnerman happened to run into a male friend who had once worked with the former girlfriend. Gonnerman asked him if he’d ever known anyone who had dated Schneiderman. He said yes: a close friend of his had. Without divulging anything, Gonnerman asked, “So how did that work out?” He answered, “He used to spit on her and slap her during sex.”

Gonnerman told Selvaratnam about the other victim. “She was very traumatized,” Gonnerman recalls. “On the one hand, she was relieved to learn it had happened before, but on the other it was, like, ‘Why hasn’t anyone stopped him?’ ”

On Twitter, one of the co-authors of the piece accusing Schneiderman, Jane Mayer, denied that sources had any links to Trump and Cohen

Just to be clear: not one source for our story on Schneiderman has any ties to Trump or Michael Cohen. Our sources all are deeply opposed to Trump and deeply disappointed that Schneiderman let them and their Cause down.

This is self-evidently false, in that Ms. Gonnerman’s ties to Stone are a tie to Trump; Mr. Stone was official Trump campaign staff.

One of the accusers named in the story, Michelle Manning Barish, had a long history of making anti-Clinton tweets. One of her tweets linked a facebook post showed that she deleted the phrase “I know the family” when posting about the Russian mobster Tamir Sapir and Trump Soho.

know family


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After the false accusations by Gonnerman and Manning Barish, separate “accusers” of Schneiderman’s were revealed to have worked with Trump and Cohen. 

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