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This is an update and addendum to our article on Cesar Sayoc’s social media posts and their apparent intent to push Russian-backed memes and messages. It contains a number of images and videos posted by Sayoc in his ‘hardrock2016’ Twitter account, much of which Patribotics archived yesterday. 

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As discussed in the main piece, this content is graphic, and contains violence, bigotry, racism, sexism, threats and homophobia. Please be aware of that before choosing to browse through these messages. Bear in mind that the recent FBI complaint against a Russian for interfering in the 2018 midterms stated that the conspiracy of which she was part internally described their activities as ‘information warfare against the United States’. These posts were intended to make you feel angry and upset. Nor are many of the messages random or amateurish. A further FBI indictment of senior officers in the Russian military shows exactly how seriously Vladimir Putin took this trolling. The messages and images have been psychologically tested for their effectiveness by military intelligence. When editors say ‘read at your own risk’ these days, it can often be a mere trope. To explore these memes and words is to sink yourself into something that an enemy of America and the West thinks, backed by science and psychometric testing, will make you feel bad.

The remedy for such feeling is to go out and vote, and not only that, to help to get other Americans to the polls. Each vote we cast is a blow to our enemy Vladimir Putin.

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Cesar Sayoc’s Photos and Videos

This collection is not exhaustive, and the content was taken from only one of his social accounts, the Twitter account @hardock2016. That account plus his other one, @hardrockintlent, have now been taken down by Twitter.

We have linked galleries with themed content. 

Trump Rally Content

Race-Baiting Images 

Please note that far too many liberals and Democrats played Putin’s game yesterday by insisting, with zero evidence, that the suspect had to be a ‘white male’. Sayoc is of Philippino and Italian descent and is not white. Much of his twitter feed involved references to the “Unconquered Seminole Tribe of Florida” of which he falsely claimed to be a part. His messaging concentrated on themes claiming that Trump was good for people of color.

I am not including most of the targeting of Rep. Maxine Waters in this gallery, as targeting will be its own section. Note the images attacking Governor Schwarzenegger, a Republican, including literal ‘fake news’ saying he was going to expel ‘Jews’ from California, shown as a mocked-up old newspaper, an obvious photoshop.

Images targeting the military, the police and related communities

A very important part of Trump support, Russia seeks to weaken the United States by radicalizing those who protect and serve against their fellow Americans. Images like this are aimed not only at the military and law enforcement, firefighters and so forth, but at ordinary Americans who support them. 

More galleries to come. Stay tuned. 


  1. Looking forward to more analysis. You’re examining an angle I don’t see others digging into.

  2. Seeing these images, Drumpf-worshipers and their deranged anger from this week have all but destroyed any chance I would have had voting Republican again. Jerks all.

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