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Bob Mueller was ‘snitty’. That contemptible closing comment may come to haunt Bill Barr. His testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee made it clear that he wished to chase Bob Mueller from the scene, and cover-up and misrepresent Mueller’s findings. Mueller’s investigation, as the report told us, is ongoing, because case Appendix D (A) (11), Wikileaks, is still ongoing. When Wikileaks and the GRU are proven to have been one conspiracy since 2010, the Trump Team’s actions become crimes.

The sartorial question for the Attorney General is no longer ‘is he a black hat’ but ‘when does he get his orange jumpsuit?’

Mr. Barr hestitated in saying that, if North Korean agents offered information on a Presidential candidate to their opponent, that opponent should report it to the FBI.

Pressed by the Democrats on the Senate judiciary Committee, Barr appeared either openly to confess, or to hint at, several crimes that he had personally committed.

Crimes to Which Barr Openly Confessed

‘I Don’t Recall’

Under brilliant questioning by Blumenthal, undoubtedly the star of the hearing, Barr was forced into the classic criminal’s defense – ‘I don’t recall’ – when asked if he leaked information about ongoing criminal investigations to the White House.

Barr here confessed to having leaked information about ongoing cases to the White House.

‘It’s possible that the name of a case was mentioned,’ Barr admitted. He then said he ‘did not recall’ whether or not he had given substantial or other information about the ongoing investigations to the White House.

I report that Mueller’s referred cases include Donald J Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner, for money laundering with the Trump Organization.

It is a crime for the Attorney General, or any other person, to leak the details of an ongoing criminal investigation. If ‘the name of the case may have been mentioned’ and the name of that case was ‘United States vs the Trump Organization’ ‘United States vs Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, and Donald J Trump Jr’ then Bill Barr just confessed to obstruction of justice on the floor of the Senate.

Lying to Congress

Under questioning from Senator Leahy, Barr openly confessed to lying to Congress. He admitted that he had spoken to Mueller when he denied speaking to ‘ members of Mueller’s team’. Therefore, he admitted lying to Congress, as Bob Mueller is a member of Mueller’s team.

Barr also admitted lying to Congress when he said that Mueller had not wished to redact all the many things that he himself redacted. In his prior testimony, he had stated that he was not making the redactions personally. Clearly, he perjured himself.

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Crimes to which Barr Almost Confessed

Some of the best questioning came towards the end of the session. It is very unfortunate that the democrats ran out of time just at this moment, but it leaves the door open to the House, who will control the session.

Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice

Readers should burn the phrase ‘brown bag lunch’ in their memory. Senator Harris pinned Barr down beautifully: ‘Has the President or anyone at the White House asked or suggested that you open an investigation?” The answer was clearly ‘yes’. ‘I am grappling with the word ‘suggested’, Barr replied. He then refused to answer when Harris said ‘hinted, inferred’ .

Barr also almost admitted under sharp questions from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse that he and the Office of Legal Counsel’s did indeed discuss obstruction of justice in advance. This looks very much like Barr agreeing to stop charges in exchange for the nomination.

Whitehouse: And lastly, can you assure me that nothing related to obstruction or the Mueller Report was discussed at your Office of Legal Counsel “brown bag lunch” on June 27th?

The photograph above is a still from the exact second after Senator Whitehouse asked Barr this question.

Barr: Uh – uh – nothing about what?

Whitehouse: Nothing about the obstruction issue, and nothing about the Mueller Report itself was discussed when you had a ‘brown bag lunch’ on June 27th with OLC?

Barr: Uhm – Yeah I mean it – uh – we didn’t discuss anything having to do with the Mueller Report or Mueller – Mueller’s eventual position on obstruction

Whitehouse: Did you discuss your obstruction memo?

Barr: I – I forgot if it was then, but I think I’ve already said that uh, uh, I mentioned I had a memo and was sending it to uh, to uh, the head of OLC…..

Whitehouse: You have not yet said that it was mentioned at this OLC ‘brown bag lunch’

Barr: Well – well – uh – I don’t think it was mentioned at the brown bag lunch, no

[Barr emphasized the word ‘at’ in the last sentence, admitting that he and OLC had discussed his obstruction memo before]

This then is almost a concession that the OLC and Barr conspired in advance for him to clear the President of obstruction of justice. It is something that, along with leaking the names of the Trump family and others under criminal investigation, we can expect not only House Democrats, but also the FBI, to pursue against Bill Barr. It is no surprise that Democrats are now demanding his resignation.

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