Chelsea Manning’s Case Is Wikileaks

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Chelsea Manning’s case is Wikileaks vs the United States.

That’s the Grand Jury – and the case consists of charging Wikileaks with conspiring with Russia, including in Manning’s original leak.

Tweet showing Manning partied with Mike Cernovich

Manning is right. In her press conference today, Manning astutely pointed out that Julian Assange is already indicted by the United States – and not by Mueller. Grand Juries, she said, are for the purpose of an indictment – so why does the Government want to force her to testify at a Grand Jury, if Assange is already indicted?

Answer: Because it’s a separate trial from that of Assange. It is the trial of Wikileaks, for conspiring with the GRU against the United States since Manning leaked her cables in 2010.

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This blog has consistently argued that Mueller said Trump was not proven guilty YET, but would be proven guilty once the Wikileaks = the GRU case concludes. Manning’s self-serving pleas to camera only underscore our central thesis.

Manning’s allies – who are also Wikileaks allies – are arguing another salient point, and it’s a pity the mainstream media is not paying any attention. They say that the Government wants to relitigate her court martial. Here we have a whining tweet from Jude Fleming, who masquerades as a journalist concerned for the free press; in fact, as her twitter header shows, Fleming works for Ruptly, a state blog of the Putin government.

Chelsea Manning has been asked to answer the same questions before a Grand Jury. Spoiler alert for US Gov’t –> READ THE COURT MARTIAL TRANSCRIPT, IT’S ALL THERE. Next, look up “redundant”. RevolvingInjustice FreeChelseaManning

How Does a Ruptly Writer Know What the Grand Jury Wants?

How does Russia’s Ms. Fleming know this? Manning has refused to answer the questions, correct? So she has no idea what the Grand Jury want to ask Chelsea Manning, does she? Except, Fleming works for Russia – so of course she knows.

Jude Fleming with the Ruptly logo

As we reported, Wikileaks colluded with the GRU in the Manning case and ever since. Chelsea knows this, and so does Russia (Fleming’s employers). They know exactly what the Grand Jury wants to ask Ms. Manning. Let’s pretend for a second that this wasn’t the case, and Fleming worked for CNN instead of Ruptly. Why would ‘her court martial testimony’ be the first thing that springs to mind? It wouldn’t. Chelsea Manning has been out of prison, pardoned by President Obama, for some time. She has done all kinds of nefarious things since her release. For example, she’s partied with white nationalists and other employees of the Russian state, like Cassandra Fairbanks, who worked for Sputnik, and the alt-right’s Jack Posobiec and his Russian wife.


A Grand Jury could be asking  Manning about any of these things. But the Ruptly ‘journalist’ is certain that she is being asked about her Grand Jury testimony at her Court Martial.

And the Ruptly ‘journalist’ is dead right. Because Chelsea Manning’s case is Wikileaks, the one that will convict Trump for conspiring with Russia. 

Because Chelsea Manning – who has immunity, following her pardon, for the 2010 crime she was convicted of, and cannot take the Fifth – perjured herself at her 2010 court martial. If she repeats that lie today, she will have committed a new perjury.

I want to take the mainstream media by the scruff of their shirts and shake some sense into them. Do folks not see what is right in front of them? Let me recap:

  • The mystery witness is Rossiya Sedognya, or Sputnik, as I have reported
  • The ‘ongoing case’ listed by Mueller is Wikileaks
  • This is Manning’s Grand Jury
  • This is the Grand Jury that is ‘continuing robustly’
  • This is the Grand Jury that was SO IMPORTANT a Federal Court shut itself down so reporters could not guess the case
  • This is the Grand Jury that is SO IMPORTANT that SCOTUS granted certiorari

United States vs. Wikileaks – What’s the Big Deal?

  • Mueller found Trump’s campaign colluded with Wikileaks
  • Bill Barr’s redactions cover up Wikileaks collaboration with the GRU
  • Once proven, Wikileaks and Russia become one entity in law
  • And Mueller’s Report says at that point, Trump’s conspiracy with Russia is proven

Chelsea Manning is not refusing to testify because of any feeling about Grand Juries. She lied at her court martial. She knows Russia was involved. The FBI have the goods. Chelsea would face far worse charges than merely perjury, and she’d face them under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Jude Fleming of Ruptly knows that, because her Russian bosses told her so. It’s why she knows, in advance, what questions the Grand Jury want to ask Manning. Fleming’s Russian bosses know that Wikileaks didn’t receive ‘whistleblower’ info and publish it. They were working, all the time, from the beginning, for the Russian state.

Wikileaks IS Russia. And Trump’s campaign was found to have conspired with Wikileaks. If Chelsea Manning’s case is Wikileaks, and it definitely is, then her fear is of revealing just how long she, exactly like Assange, has been working for the Kremlin. 

As I wrote in my first post on this blog, ‘Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess’, a long essay I wrote in December 2016 and published here in January 2017:

I have an overarching theory of Russia’s attack on America and the West. Here it is.

There have not been a series of attacks on America and Europe by Vladimir Putin. There has been one single operation; it is the same operation.

This afternoon, Chelsea Manning went one step further in proving me right.

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  1. Obviously, this will be the court case of the decade, if not the century. Manning is clearly mentally ill to wish upon herself additional jail time. She needs to come clean with the GJ & the FBI asap.

  2. Vanhattan, I agree with your comment 100%. Not to be trans-phobic or anything, but I’ve always believed that most, if not all, transgendered folks like Manning are mentally ill. Until she (he) comes clean, well, how can all those on the far left who claim to oppose You-Know-Who (my pet name for Donald Trump) have no trouble supporting her (him) even though she’s (he’s) also clearly a Russian asset based on what we have learned about Wikileaks from this website and elsewhere? Somebody needs to give both her (him) and Julian Assange mental health checks ASAP.

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