Mueller’s Magical Mistake: Wikileaks Links to Russia

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The testimony of the Special Counsel, contrary to many lukewarm ‘hot takes’, was, in fact, full of bombshells. You had to listen carefully to hear them, and that may be why so many in the media missed it. There will be a longer piece of analysis later. But for now, here is the single biggest takeaway: a tired Bob Mueller actually made a mistake on Wikileaks, and it was a wonderful one if you care about justice.

Video of Mueller saying Wikileaks was indicted

Rep. Mike Quigley was asking Mueller about Mike Pompeo’s characterization of Wikileaks as a hostile intelligence service.

Do you think that is accurate, he asked.

Absolutely, Mueller replied. ‘And they got indicted, Mueller added’.

Factually, Mueller has not publicly indicted Wikileaks the organization. Mueller quickly corrected himself: “Uh – Julian Assange”.

DOJ Only Charged Assange With Hacking

But the DOJ didn’t indict Assange for being part of a “hostile intelligence service” at all. It only charged Julian Assange for helping Chelsea Manning hack into Pentagon computers.

So, Mueller did not make the simple mistake here of saying “Wikileaks” when he meant “Assange”. He was answering in relation to questioning from Quigley about Wikileaks role as a hostile intelligence service. Mueller’s answer “and they got indicted – uh – Julian Assange” clearly meant “For being a hostile intelligence service”. Mueller was wrong. The DOJ has charged Assange with hacking, and Wikileaks, not at all – yet.

But it is Patribotics scoop that the Grand Jury case that is ongoing is against Wikileaks – Appendix D (A) 11 – “United States vs Wikileaks, et al” and that this case specifically is about the fact that Wikileaks has colluded with the GRU since 2010.

Today, a probably exhausted Bob Mueller very much appeared, by mistake, to back up that exclusive reporting of this blog. To further hammer the nail in, he seemed to say that Donald Trump Jr is “subject to investigation” for colluding with them.

Which is entirely the sum and substance of my reporting – that Wikileaks is the GRU. The FBI can prosecute the Trump campaign for colluding with Russia; just not yet.

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  1. We are at the end of the beginning… just not at the beginning of the end of You-Know-Who’s “presidency.”

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