Australia Backs Britain on Assange

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The United Nations has a problem. Nils Melzer, a pro-Putin shill who has been allowed to retain his title as a “Rapporteur” (reporter) on “torture” has been front and center claiming that Britain is being extra mean to Julian Assange. Sadly for Mr. Melzer, Australia backs Britain on Assange. The Australian authorities issued a rare statement in response to Melzner’s propaganda: He had not even gotten in touch with them, and they believed Assange was receiving solid medical care in Belmarsh Prison.

Australia said:

We reject any suggestion by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture that the Australian Government is complicit in psychological torture or has shown a lack of consular support for Mr Assange. The Special Rapporteur has not been in contact with the Australian Government to raise these concerns directly. 

…. We are confident that Mr Assange is being treated appropriately in Belmarsh Prison. Mr Assange has advised us that he is being treated the same as other prisoners in Belmarsh.

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Nils Melzer has clearly used the name of the United Nations in his personal work for the Russian government. Melzer has, shamelessly, appeared on Russian government TV channels and websites, despite the repressive nature of the Putin regime that is wedded to torture. Shockingly, Melzer has even pushed this on Twitter:

from Russian state TV channel Ruptly, to Sputnik, to Russia Today, forced to register under FARA as an agent of the Russian government, Nils Melzer has been on them all. At the same time as Melzer acts as a busy PR shill for Vladimir Putin, however, he cannot find the time to do his basic job and, for example, communicate with the Australian government on Assange, with whom he is supposedly concerned. But Mr. Melzer is not, of course, actually concerned about Assange; that’s why he made no contact with the relevant authorities. He is here to propagandize for the Russian state, and that’s all he’s here to do.

Mr. Melzer takes the Russian side on all major issues involving his job. On the murder of Jamal Khashoggi – who, rather than being prosecuted humanely by Western democracies, was paralyzed by Mohammed Bin Salman’s goons before being dissected alive – Melzer argued that:

Nils Melzer told a news conference at U.N. headquarters in New York that “we should give the involved states [Turkey and Saudi Arabia] time, and under proper scrutiny, to come to a conclusion that they want to address this problem.”

He added that if the two sides should not agree, he might have to call on them to fulfill their obligations. Oh wow. Strong move. But Assange is being tortured. Melzer’s pathetic words “It’s a bit early in the process” even to call for international involvement in Khashoggi’s dismemberment were, of course, carried by Russian TV station Ruptly.

The United Nations, not the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, is weakened by Russian assets like Melzer carrying positions of power. An international coalition rebuked Melzer and his colleagues for doing nothing about Assad’s systematic torture in Syria.

Australia backs Britain on Assange because Britain, not Melzer, is in the right. Prime Ministerial front-runner, Jeremy Hunt, gave Melzer short shrift, and he was right to do so:

Mr. Melzer’s own Twitter feed is nothing short of shameful, and the free nations of the West should make sure the UN removes this Putin propagandist. Surely it is shameful enough that the “Special Rapporteur on Torture” has never once tweeted the name of dissected Jamal Khashoggi, but has tweeted on Assange and Wikileaks dozens of times.

It won’t help Melzer or his masters in the Kremlin. Julian Assange and Wikileaks are both due to be tried for their crimes, and neither Australia nor Britain are in the mood to compromise.

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