Exclusive: FISA Target SVB Bank Server Sent Cambridge Analytica Data to Trump

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SVB Bank, or Silicon Valley Bank, had a server that was communicating with the Trump and Spectrum Health servers,

This is in addition to the  well-known Alfa Bank server that was talking to the Trump and Spectrum servers. The existence of the Alfa-Trump link was broken on October 31st in an exclusive report by Franklin Foer of Slate.

Naveed Jamali, acting on behalf, he said, of two more senior people in US intelligence, whom I have named to the FBI, told me on Nov 7th that there was a FISA warrant targeted at two Russian banks, which covered ‘any US person’ related to the money laundering offenses which the FBI was investigating related to the Trump campaign and Russia. My story reported that:

The FISA warrant was granted in connection with the investigation of suspected activity between the [Trump] server and two banks, SVB Bank and Alfa Bank.

I can now report that it was not only Alfa Bank whose server was communicating with the Trump server; SVB Bank was communicating with that server too, using its own dedicated server.

My exclusive report on Mike Flynn’s ‘Treason Tour’ of Europe stated on April 16 that:

The precise combination of these two databases [state voter registration and the DNC’s hacked ‘Vertica’ database] allowed Cambridge Analytica and SCL both to create Russian-directed propaganda and target it at voting groups with extraordinary precision.

I added:

 SVB bank, the second bank named in the FISA warrant I exclusively reported on Nov 7th, was also involved in messaging


I have corrected my earlier story to clarify some of my reporting. The money-laundering was principally communicated via Alfa Bank to the Trump server, and the database replication was communicated to Alfa Bank from the Spectrum Health server.

As I reported on April 1st, in my exclusive ‘Alfa Bank, Trump Tower and a Social Media Impeachment,’ these three servers were money laundering and data laundering.

Tea Pain USA provided an excellent analysis of matters here.

However and further to my earlier report on Mike Flynn and SCL in April, the SVB server was sending Cambridge Analytica data targeting and propaganda messages to Trump’s server, in order that they be washed with the voter registration and DNC databases that were being sent to and from Alfa Bank.

General Flynn had to amend his disclosure in August to add SCL, the propaganda-creating arm of Cambridge Analytica, to his forms. The Washington Post reported:

The updated disclosure also confirms that Flynn had agreed to work with the SCL Group, at the time the British parent company of Cambridge Analytica, a data science company hired by Donald Trump’s campaign. One of Cambridge’s main financiers is hedge fund magnate Robert L. Mercer, whose daughter Rebekah is an influential conservative donor.

In another story on Patribotics we broke the news that Milo Yiannopolous, the alt-right provocateur, had an account with SVB Bank. He told me that:

I had a Private Bank account with Silicon Valley Bank, whose executives I met when I was a technology reporter.

The billionaire Peter Thiel, of Facebook’s board, was an advisor to the Trump campaign, and Facebook’s collusion with Russian funders of fake news advertisements is now front and center in the Trump Russia story.

Jared Kushner, who ran the Trump data operation, met with the Russian intelligence head of a parent bank to SVB, Sberbank, in Trump Tower in December.

I have previously reported exclusively on this blog both that Boris Epshteyn paid hackers on behalf of the Trump campaign – via the Alfa Server-Trump Tower connection – and on behalf of Russia, and that Donald Trump used Ocean Way Capital and Hostkey as the hackers who hosted the DNC emails on Wikileaks Russian servers.

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  2. It’s not Silicon Valley Bank – You’re getting confused – Sberbank is the only bank involved because SVB is not owned by anyone else.

  3. Have you sent your observations to the Mueller investigators. If not, please do.
    Concerned world citizen watching events avidly. SC

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