Exclusive: Racist Florida Teacher Used Russian Pro-Trump Persona

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The Florida schoolteacher who was allowed to resign from a classroom job over her racist podcast used a Russian, pro-Trump “Active Measures” profile.

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Dayanna Volitich’s Twitter persona “Tiana Dalichov“, which has now been locked, described itself as Russian. It used Cyrillic letters, attacked Robert Mueller’s investigation, retweeted Sean Hannity – who along with Fox News is under an FBI investigation – and tweeted out pro-Trump propaganda.

Witch Hunt

Tweeting from her “Top Secret Russian Bot Base”,  she retweeted Hannity saying “Mueller’s witch hunt continues” and celebrated Brad Parscale becoming Trump’s 2020 campaign manager.

Her profile called her “Educator. Author. Conservative” and added two words in Cyrillic – “русский. Ср̏пкиња”, meaning “Russian. Serbian.”

Almost all coverage has focused on Dayanna’s racism, leaving out her obvious participation in a Russian troll ring. Tweets sent to her account start in early 2017, and she was tweeting about “mending relations with Russia” even back then.


Dailov was being told two days before Trump’s election that her purpose on Twitter was to disrupt and troll. Two of the earliest tweets sent to her were from a “Social Media Managers”


Archived tweets showed Dayanna attacking Florida student David Hogg, a survivor of a school shooting in her own state. She objected to Hogg’s challenge to fellow Russian asset Alex Jones. Later in her archived page, the recently employed teacher suggested student Hogg be “arrested for truancy”.


“Arrest him for truancy. Problem solved. Stop acting like a toddler, @davidhogg111 and understand that sometimes you don’t always get what you want.”

Dayanna further boosted the National Rifle Association, retweeting another “Russian bot” with the hashtags #NRA and #Parkland as he complained about shopping for guns:


Infowars Paul Joseph Watson favorably compared Russia’s treatment of journalists to that of CNN. Dayanna was retweeting him, too, days before Watson revealed that Mueller had stopped an Infowars contributor on his entry into the United States, demanding he testify.

Russia gov

“Tiana Dailchov” is the latest in a long line of “Active Measures” undertaken by the Russian state that have become visible and prominent in the United States since James Comey confirmed to Congress that the FBI was investgating the Trump campaign’s links to Russia, a story I broke at Heat Street the night before Trump’s election.

A number of these “active measures” are centered around the state of Florida. Our contributor Jay McKenzie wrote of “HostKey West – Miami’s Red Square” about ethnic Russians illegally laundering money to Trump properties in Florida. Other stories have included studies on Putin’s “Night Wolves” Spetsnaz biker gang, also known as “Bikers For Trump” and celebrated by Brad Parscale in Trump’s official headquarters.

Guccifer 2 documents were received and distributed by Florida GOP operative Aaron Nevins. Nevins admitted to the crime of soliciting hacked materials, including Florida voter files, from the Russian intelligence operatives behind the Guccifer 2 persona.

Dayanna Volitich appears to be another Florida example of one ongoing active measure described in the Steele dossier.

Mechanism for transmitting this intelligence involves pension
disbursements to Russian emigres living in US... using consular
officials in New York, DC and Miami

Nor is Dayanna the only ethnic Russian to be trolling for Moscow. Her podcast partner who helped her “Tear apart intersectional feminism” is one “Lana Lokteff” who also describes herself as “ethnically Russian” in her profile- making Steele’s intelligence on “Russian emigres” all the more credible. “Lana”‘s feed is full of Russian troll accounts pushing Russian propaganda from all over Europe – propaganda we previously reported was coordinated by Mike Flynn for Putin, and which was targeted for Trump by Cambridge Analytica data.

In fact, “Tiana Dalichov” just became part of Trump’s “Social Media Impeachment” – propaganda which, we exclusively reported on the first of April last year, was being sent to and from Russian intelligence by the Trump organization server’s links to Russia’s Alfa Bank.


 Join @LanaLokteff and I as we tear apart intersectional feminism in this newest episode of the #UnapologeticPodcast.

Russian “trolls and bots” have always involved real humans as well as automated bot software. It seems likely that Mueller’s team will be looking at bitcoin and other payments received by Volitich, and will be checking her computers and other electronics for evidence of collusion.

They can start with her Twitter account – even if deleted, Mueller and the NSA will have access to the entire thing.

A quick search of terms “Russia” “Russian” sent to her Twitter reveal a number of other proud emigre Russians and Russian supporters all pushing a coordinated line of propaganda – “Dalichov” will provide rich investigative fodder to the Special Counsel she detests so much.

PS – she apparently suggested her followers “boycott the FBI” – something Dayanna will be unlikely to be able to do herself.

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